Video Door Phones

Security has always been a part of our life. Protecting our life and hard earned possession is a prime concern. At CABSAT Uganda, total security is an everyday reality. Imagine your home, office or a public place where a simple gesture can open up practical possibilities for your safety.  We are hereby proud and esteemed to present to you the Video Door Phones a device that not only allows you to see who’s at the door, but also enables you to communicate with the visitor before you open the door. The Indoor Monitor can be easily installed anywhere in the house, giving you the convenience of viewing the visitors, unlocking the door and viewing any suspicious activity all at the press of a button.

This system has the following advantages:
Enables you to view and interact with the visitor without opening the door, It is a two-way communication, It has a clear Speaker system, more than one indoor monitor can be attached with outdoor camera, It can unlock the electric lock on recognizing the visitor and lastly, it has low power consumption.

Our video door phone is a cheap solution to secure the house from strangers and unwanted salespersons available at reasonable prices and is one of the best ways to ensure security of a house.

Our video door phones can be installed on the front, back or the side doors and allows communication between people on both ends simultaneously. They come with a variety of features which will act as options for you while deciding which exact type you need either for your home, business premise or workplace these include; Depending upon whether the door phone is needed for small or big offices, and the extent of security coverage required; you can decide which system of door phone will suit your purpose. In case you are opting for a wired system, there are choices available in that as well. There are also options for models with voice/video models. There is a wide range of door phone available – both in the audio door phone as well as video door phone segment. Make a choice with the budget, maintenance and other concerns you have in mind.

Additional features we have at CABSAT for Video Door Phones include; Colour Memory- this helps you know who was there at your doorstep even when you weren’t home, Hands free-with the press of a button, you can talk to the person on the other side without having to hold on to the phone, Remote Door Unlock-If you have an electric door lock installed, an optional remote control will allow you to activate the Open Lock button and lastly, Night Vision-this is a feature of the video door phone which allows the inner monitor to display images in darkness.

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