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CABSAT Uganda has Satellite TVs that offer a very wide variety of programming to the avid viewer. If you acquire one of our satellite TVs, you have access to pretty well anything you want to watch. You can see a lot of programming without commercials. You can see foreign programs. You can watch all the sports you’ll ever want. You can see raw news footage, without the reporters. You can listen to all the music you want, in top quality, no matter what your preference. And the quality in the picture and sound is second-to-none.

CABSAT offers a variety of Satellite TVs with different packages, by subscribing to satellite TV you get reduce fee equipment with some companies. Other satellite TVs do not charge any fees for professional installing accessories. Once you sign up for satellite TV you will be provided with equipment-dish and receiver. Also, on our satellite TVs, you can watch two channels at one time. We also have some TVs that you can record two shows at the same time. In other TVs, if you want to parental control on any channels, you can easily block the channel or attach a password to it. We also have satellite TV that offer paid services if you want to see new movies, live concerts or sporting events

Our products come with a number of channels you can watch on a satellite television signal that has high definition (HD) packages as well as standard channels. Channels are offered in both HD and standard formats, giving you the consumer even more choices. Another feature that some of our satellite TV provides is the ability to receive free to air satellite TV programs and radio channels which come with a satellite dish and digital satellite receiver. We have many equipment choices available to you, with a range of quality receivers and different sized dishes.

Our Satellite TVs come with clear signal that you receive whenever and wherever you are watching satellite television due to the signal being compressed and split several times by cable networks in order to deliver the content from the cable network’s hub to your area you the subscriber providing higher quality signal than any cable company.

We at CABSAT Uganda also have Satellite TVs that can schedule your DVR to record shows on your satellite television connection even if you are not able to program them in at your home. We also have equipment you’ll need to protect your satellite TV system from power surges. The system has three places where a power surge can strike; the receiver (the dish): the plug in the wall, and the coaxial cable our equipment can protect against damage to these parts.

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