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Improve guest engagement and maximize revenues 

We believe in flexible and simple hospitality solutions which use the latest technologies to offer guests a ‘just-like home’ experience during their stay.
Cabsat Uganda provides hotels with a platform to deliver flexibility, high performance and comfort using cutting edge technology for the integration of TV, WiFi, Ethernet, and telephone signals.

Hotel Benefits

  • Proven and reliable solution which ensures exceptional image and sound quality, happy guests and opportunity for better ratings.
  • TV content variety, over 100 channels can be allocated to a single TV Set.
  • Minimal ‘guest disturbance’ owing to remote maintenance capability. Adjust channel list remotely with just a few clicks.
  • Efficient front-desk personnel and excellent guest services via TV, laptop and mobile devices and user-friendly content management system.
  • Utility of a wide range of output devices.
  • Minimal initial installation time and space.
  • ‘Future proof’. Our solutions fully support both hotel upgrades and new builds.
  • Zero down time, hot swap capability. Seamless transition between Conditional access cards
  • Flexible pool technology, merge IP, satellite, terrestrial, A/V, HDMI and cable content for a single user

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