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CABSAT  Uganda has security DVRs (consumer electronics device or application software that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card or other local or networked mass storage device) that offer cutting edge technology with advanced security features such as motion recording, real time recording, and high definition video. Our security DVR system is universally compatible with all outdoor security cameras and wireless security cameras. You can access your live streaming video from our DVR on a wide range of Internet capable smart phones and computers.

Our DVRs are in two main components or categories; Standalone DVR and PC based DVR. The PC based DVR is a DVR that uses software normally stored on a hard drive and either a windows or Linux based operating system. The PC based DVRs are compatible with various intelligent surveillance software’s such as facial identification, license plate recognition, missing item detection etc.                                                                                                                 Standalone DVRs on the other hand use embedded hardware for compression and operation.

The operating system of the standalone DVRs is stored in the hardware, not on the hard drives. Also, because standalone DVRs cannot be windows based they are far less vulnerable to viruses and hackers. In general standalone DVRs also offer the benefit of being less expensive. The drawback to the standalone DVR is the fact that it cannot operate in conjunction with other specialized software such as the PC based DVR.

Our DVRs at CABSAT Uganda will therefore offer security surveillance in your businesses which specially depend on high level of secretive information in a crucial and critical task which surveillance system will always ensure safety of the important information or assets of your business this however also extends to personal or home environments and settings to guarantee you full security by helping to avoid any chances of criminal activity such as burglary. Most camera systems installed within office premises are also used to track employee performance and conduct where it also helps to avoid any circumstance of internal theft or criminal act.

Our DVRs are updated with the recent most technological developments; these devices provide the best experience for digital recording and come with the embedded feature of viewing remote multi-camera frames.

We also offer several software apps for devices running on android operating system and other devices such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phones, etc which enables surveillance options for users’ right from their homes on their mobile devices. Thus, users can view all the day to day activity from any place and at any time without any hassles. It is easy to install this device which assures promising performance

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