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Cars have been a natural target for thieves: They are valuable, reasonably easy to resell and they have a built-in getaway system. In light of this, it’s important for you to invest with us at CABSAT Uganda in alarm systems. We offer electronic devices installed in your vehicle in an attempt to discourage theft of the vehicle itself, its contents, or both by emitting high-volume sound (usually a siren, pre-recorded verbal warning, the vehicle’s own horn, or a combination thereof) when the conditions necessary for triggering are met, as well as by flashing some of the vehicle’s lights, and (optionally) notifying the car’s owner via a paging system and interrupting various electrical circuits necessary for the car to start.
Our car alarm product mainly comes with the sensory features called Car proximity sensors-This is a sensor that detects movement either within the vehicle or outside the vehicle close to the side windows they are therefore the Inside and outside sensors. Both are similar but have a different function. The interior sensor will detect movement inside a vehicle interior, even if nothing is touched and trip the car alarm system immediately. The external sensor is designed to trip the outside body of the vehicle security system and warn someone away as they approach the vehicle.
Along with this feature we at CABSAT Uganda also have Remote-start car alarms. This alarm will provide maximum security to the car. It contains the shock sensors. The sensors will be fit in the boot, door and bonnet of the car. It also contains features such as silent arm and disarm. The status of the car and the alarm can be viewed with the help of the LCD display that comes with the alarm. It is made in such a way that weather cannot stop its activity. It will work even in cold weather.
Our car alarm systems at CABSAT Uganda will alert you via your remote to the status of your vehicle, allow you to lock, unlock and track your vehicles position using a Smartphone or computer, protect your wheels and rims, protect your vehicles contents like luggage, sports equipment or samples, protect your convertible car with the top down sensor and backup your Alarm System with a Battery Backup Siren.
A car alarm is a precautionary measure that is often difficult to put a value on. You never know when you could be a victim of crime and whether the act will take place at a crucial point in your career. By having an alarm installed you put your best efforts forward to protect your property this is why we at CABSAT Uganda give you the chance to protect your car by availing to you our reliable and efficient car alarm system.

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