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Burglar alarm is a system that will guard against unauthorized entry into a building or area that is occupied, this is designed to detect intrusion by would be burglars (thieves). CABSAT Uganda brings to you this product that acts as security system alarms or perimeter detection systems in residential, tourist or commercial properties for protection against burglary (theft) or property damage, as well as personal protection against intruders.

Some of our alarm systems serve a single purpose of burglary protection while a combination system provides both fire and intrusion protection. Our burglar alarm systems are also combined with television surveillance systems to automatically record the activities of intruders for the individual to take cover or find safety or for the monitoring center and team to automatically initiate various actions.

CABSAT Uganda offers Bugler alarms with the following features;

Wireless transmission-this is a burglar alarm system that has no cable layout which can ruin the house decoration and are easy to re-locate installation position. Since most of houses were not built with consideration of house security, we will offer you burglar alarms that are easy to install, uninstall or re-locate the device.

Remote Control and Monitoring- Our home burglar alarm system comes with a remote control and monitoring feature which is a major method for anti-burglary and fire disaster. Remote control and monitoring is very important when you are away from home. These Burglar alarm system can attach with telephone line to central monitoring station to notify home owner when any abnormal event happens.

Backup Power In the usage of alarm system, burglar alarm will be disabled by power cutoff. One of most important facilities is power. If the power supply is cut, then the alarm system can not work, the whole system will lose the functions. At CABSAT Uganda, our burglar alarm system is equipped with backup battery in case of power cutoff. The backup battery provides the power supply when power is off. In addition, our burglar alarm system comes with the external power failure alarm notification. Once the external power is off, then alarm system will notify the home owner immediately.

Self-inspection-Our alarm system comes with a self-inspection feature that can provide reliable performance for the anti-burglary and prevention of fire disaster. With self-inspection, the alarm system will not omit any intruder and other abnormal event.

Our burglar-alarm system is a safe and effective alarm system for the protection of people and their belongings, capable of detecting any intrusions by promptly notifying the event by means of sound and visual alarms, and by sending telephone messages. The system includes a central Unit that can be programmed for control and supervision of the system.

By integrating special devices, the system can also perform safety functions, such as remote assistance for young children and the protection of the house from water leaks.

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