Intelligent Fire Alarms

CABSAT Uganda is proud to unveil to you state-of-the-art fire alarms and communications system that are revolutionary in speed, intelligence and flexibility to ensure your surrounding is free from a dangerous fire outbreak that can cause harm. These are designed through custom programming specific to each application capable of supporting devices on a multiple Signal Line Circuit (SLC) where each device on the SLC is assigned a unique identification called an address.

The number of devices on our SLC range from one to several hundred and vary in number of detectors and modules combined. Each device constantly communicates with the control panel through microprocessor technology to report its status on the SLC. Within seconds, alarms, supervisory and trouble conditions are alerted to the control panel and a precise location of the event is displayed. These devises may include Smoke detectors that are a result of fire outbreak, Fire alarm manuals and Sprinkler water flow switch to fight the fire outbreak.

Our intelligent fire alarms offer reliable protection for medium to large buildings with very high value concentrations. They offer maximum operating reliability in the event of short circuits and wire breaks. This device works in such a way that in the event of a fire, the triggering detector and its detector zone are identified immediately then the alarm itself will be reported automatically to emergency services, e.g. the fire brigade

We have a wide range of intelligent fire alarms to choose from: ionization and optical smoke detectors fire alarms, fixed-heat and rate-of-rise heat detectors, and multisensory detectors featuring a combination of two or three of these detection principles. The multisensory fire alarm detectors, in particular offer superior early fire detection, even under the most difficult conditions of fire outbreak.

Apart from small business premises and households, We CABSAT Uganda offer intelligent fire alarms that can be used in schools, hospitals, theatres, hotels, buildings containing high-value assets such as museums, sites of cultural interest, and rooms with varying usages or unknown fire risks such as stores and laboratories.

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